The four seasons

Property Pâturage in spring
A slightly late flowering in mountain, the intense green of nature awakening, the chirping of birds, young deer calling their mother, mushrooms …
Property Pâturage in summer
Heat tempered by cool dawn and breezes in the evening when frogs croak and the glow-worm illuminate the roadside, evenings on the terrace until sunset, no mosquitoes, quiet enjoyment away from the clamor of summer
Property Pâturage in autumn
This is the time for chestnuts and mushrooms, tree lights colors before the foliage, a sun often generous with temperatures still warm and pleasant
Property Pâturage in winter
Little snow and never long, dry cold, wind invigorating, we enjoy a good stove returning home, it’s time to roast chestnuts … and the opportunity to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Day in privacy